How to create your bohemian winter look?

It’s seems a bit easier to look bohemian in summertime. Summer dresses with your bikini underneath and the fabulous beach hair and you're done. But to be honest, it is quite simple to hold on to that amazing bohemian vibe in wintertime. Let’s have that Ibiza feeling all year round. We’ll give you some inspiration.

Lover of layers

We love skirts with layers, and tops with vests. A lace top, a wrapped vest and a dotted layered skirt give you that bohemian feeling straight away. Warm woolen jackets or a fringes jacket on top of it. Just try to make some new combinations, usually with a few additions you’ll make your look from fine to fabulous!

Skirts, skirts, skirts

You probably feel warmer and safer to pick trousers on winter days, but skirts give you that instant bohemian look. Even on colder winter days you can combine it with tights or thermo pantyhose’s underneath. We have a lovely selection of skirts for your, rather you prefer leopard prints with ruffles, dotted skirts or tube skirts, we’ve got them all!

Knitwear with romantic details

You could choose for the simplest classic sweaters, try to choose one with some special details. How about romantic ruffles, puffy shoulders, little wings or braids in the knitwear. That's exactly why we have selected special knitwear for you!

Boots & sneakers

Every outfit is finished with the right shoes. We are obviously a huge fan of cowboy boots, as we have a studded grey boot and a beige fringles boot available in our shop. But if you prefer not to walk on heels, our budget proof Tribes sneaker or black studded boot are also great for your bohemian winter look. Good to know; we offer 20% discount on all our shoes till Tuesday with the code: Shoes20

Add the right accessories

Almost all outfits are upgraded with the right accessories. A beautiful head, gold plated rings, bracelets and necklaces will do the work! We have handpicked some beautiful gold-plated jewels combined with colorful stones and beautiful details, for very attractive prices.

Curls in your hair

If you have a few minutes extra in the morning, invest them in creating some curls in your hair. Especially with longer hair a few waves at the end of your hair and you are ready to impress with your bohemian look! Have you created your bohemian winter look with one of our items? Share it with us by tagging Tribes boutique. We can't wait to see you shine in our outfits!

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