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Meet the founders of Tribes Boutique

2020 was supposed to be a great year. Lots of amazing events, incentives and productions were planned with our company Tribes & Nomads. But due to the Covid-crisis as we were forced to stop working, so the idea for Tribes Boutique came up.

Denise & Juliette are both working moms, who can bump into business clients and important local contacts everywhere on the island. We really like to look fashionable, be unique, but our wardrobe certainly needs to be affordable and comfortable. That became our main philosophy for our boutique. We are blessed to work and life on Ibiza and our collection is inspired by the boho vibe of Ibiza but as well with a nomad urban vibe. We are always looking for the newest fashion must-haves.

Like every woman shape is unique we, Juliette and Denise have very different body sizes. We believe that everyone can look pretty and there is no need to be a supermodel. That's why we remain our own models so you have an idea how the clothes look on 'normal' people. Because a happy woman is the prettiest. By wearing everything ourselves from size small on Denise to large on Juliette, you have a real idea how it would look on you. Where Juliette is 1.88m and Denise 1.68m you know if a skirt fits short or long with which length.

You can shop complete looks, both online and when you are on Ibiza or try our collection by appointment on the island. We hope you like our vibe and join our tribe! Have fun shopping.

With love from Ibiza,

Juliette & Denise

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