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Coming soon!

We have talked about it for months and we just decided it is time to do it. We as Tribes and Nomads are normally an event and production company but our roots originate out of the fashion scene. Before our move from Holland to Ibiza, Denise had a clothing store and to be honest she has been missing the thrill of creating a collection and selling it to people a lot. So during the lockdown we started to transfer our company into a lifestyle brand by creating an online magazine and now with launching our own fashion line.

Don't understand us wrong we will always be an event and production company but with an online fashion store.

Our collection is inspired by the street fashion of Ibiza with a little bit of a rocky twist added to it. We love to play with textures like silk and leather to create a girly look but with a little bit badd ass look added to it. We want to keep our collection authentic so we will not have a big stock but we will try to add new stuff weekly. Our goal is that every item can be combined with each other and our customers will get inspired to mix and match.

So the last weeks we have been super busy with designing and searching for our perfect first Tribes collection. Long days of shopping and making of moods boards but we are super happy with the end result. Now we have finalized our collection and we are waiting for the delivery. We have found some amazing dresses, skirts and cool boots to combine. To match it all we have a great collection with rings, bracelets and necklaces. Oh we cannot wait!

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Lots of love & shopping fun


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